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Hi 👋! My name is Hassam Ali and welcome to my humble abode on the internet. I am software engineer with focus on the frontend development. I first got interested in computers back in 2005 when I received my first computer and since then I have been hooked 😅. I hacked my first useful program in 2011. It was a small python script which would execute on start up and send the external ip address to a php website


I work at Careem as a Senior Frontend Engineer. My day to day responsibilites are:

  1. Bugfixes and working on new features
  2. Monitoring the performance of application
  3. On boarding and interviewing new candidates
  4. looking for new technologies and improving the existing work flow
  5. Performing thorough code reviews and helping out different teams

In my present role I work with React, Ant Design, Ant Mobile, React Query and TypeScript. I also have worked extensively with Angular, Semantic UI, Google Maps.

I prefer TypeScript over JavaScript for medium to large projects and for state management I use combination of react-query and useContext + useReducer

On the backend side of thing I have worked with PHP, Laravel and CodeIgniter but this was long time ago.

I have also dabbled with Python, Java Primefaces, and little bit of C#. I think C# is the most under rated language.

I tweet at therealhassam


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