Angular component without tag selector

Create angular components which do not have create a tag in html

Find neighbours in 2d grid

A note to self on finding neighbours in 2d grid

Mapping 2D array to 1D array

Discuss how two dimensional arrays can be represented as one dimensional array

Observer Design Pattern

Using observer design pattern

Adapter Design Pattern

Using adapter design pattern

React encapsulating data fetching logic with container components

Encapsulate data fetching logic with container components using hooks

Initial vs Unset vs Inherit

The difference between inital, unset and inherit

Strategy Design Pattern

Using strategy design pattern

State Management in Pure React

manage state in react without using any 3rd party library

Managing form state using hooks

Learn how to manage form state using custom form hook

middleware with useReducer

Implement middleware with `useReducer` for async actions

Conditional checking of props

How to validate props which depends upon other props

Hello World

First Post

Regular Expression Notes

Notes For Regular Expressions